Culture and well-being: The cycle of action, evaluation, and decision


Oishi, S., & Diener, E. (2003). Culture and well-being: The cycle of action, evaluation, and decision. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29(8), 939-949.


Two studies were conducted to examine how European and Asian Americans experience and remember their task performance, make a decision about a future task, and how that decision affects enjoyment of the task. In Study 1, although Asians solved as many anagrams as European Americans, Asians remembered solving fewer than did European Americans at Time 2. European Americans' Time 2 choice of task was predicted from Time 1 performance, but Asians' Time 2 choice was not. In Study 2, European Americans chose the same task if they had previously done well and a different task if they had not. Their actual enjoyment of the Time 2 task, furthermore, was significantly higher than at Time 1. In contrast, there was no change in actual enjoyment of the task at Time 2 among Asians because their choice was not based on their performance at Time 1.

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