Money matters [Review of the book The Psychology of Money]


Diener, E. (2000). Money matters [Review of the book The Psychology of Money]. Contemporary Psychology APA Review of Books, 45(6), 642-643.


Originally published in Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 2000, Vol 45(6), 642-643. The reviewer states that this book (see record 1999-02348-000) covers many fascinating topics, such as the relation of money to power, people's beliefs about the morals of money (including paying taxes), how lottery winners are affected by their good fortune, why people save money, and how money affects people's self-esteem. Each chapter begins with a list of fun quotes related to the content of the chapter, and there is a Conclusion section at the end of each chapter that readers will find helpful. The book is intended for an educated lay audience and for new scholars wishing to enter this field.

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