The Temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale


Pavot, W., Diener, E., & Suh, E. (1998). The Temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale. Journal of Personality Assessment, 70(2), 340-354.


This article introduces The Temporal Satisfaction With Life Scale (TSWLS), and reports data establishing its reliability and validity as a measure of life satisfaction. The addition of a temporal dimension allows the TSWLS to assess an individual's past, present, and future life satisfaction. Data relevant to reliability and validity of the TSWLS were gathered from three samples, including one college sample and two adult samples. Moderate to strong correlations with other self- and peer-reported measures of well-being and life satisfaction were observed. Factor analyses revealed a three-factor structure, with the factors corresponding to past, present, and future time frames. Measures of internal and temporal reliability show the TSWLS to be a highly consistent measure of global life satisfaction.

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