The objective benefits of subjective well-being


DeNeve, J-E., Diener, E., Tay, L., & Xuereb, C. (2013). The objective benefits of subjective well-being. In J. F. Helliwell, R. Layard, & J. Sachs (Eds.), World happiness report 2013. Volume 2. (pp. 54-79). New York: UN Sustainable Network Development Solutions Network.


The aim of this paper is to survey the “hard” evidence on the effects of subjective well-being. In doing so, we complement the evidence on the determinants of well-being by showing that human well-being also affects outcomes of interest such as health, income, and social behavior. Generally, we observe a dynamic relationship between happiness and other important aspects of our lives, with influence running in both directions. We also discuss the moderating, mediating, and evolutionary dynamics of human well-being.

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