ENHANCE: Evidence for the Efficacy of a Comprehensive Intervention Program To Promote Durable Changes in Subjective Well-Being


Heintzelman, S. J., Kushlev, K., Lutes, L. D., Wirtz, D., Kanippayoor, J. M., Leitner, D., Oishi, S., & Diener, E. (in prep). ENHANCE: Evidence for the efficacy of a comprehensive intervention program to promote durable changes in subjective well-being


Happiness is a widely valued pursuit associated with broad benefits across life domains. With an exponential growth in the science of happiness over recent decades, we now know a great deal about the sources and processes of happiness, or subjective well-being (SWB). Building from the empirical science of SWB, we have developed a 12-week comprehensive intervention program—ENHANCE—to increase SWB in a durable manner. In the current randomized controlled trial, participants (N = 155; 55 in-person format, 100 online format) were randomly assigned to participate in the 12-week ENHANCE program or to a wait-list control condition. All participants completed assessments of SWB, including non-self-report measures, and related variables as well as skill-relevant measures at baseline, posttest (3 months), and follow-up (6 months). We found evidence supporting the efficacy of ENHANCE for increasing SWB and related constructs. Furthermore, we found that development in the targeted skills areas accounted for these improvements. This study provides initial evidence for the efficacy of ENHANCE, administered in-person or online, to promote SWB and offers insights to the processes involved in these changes. We discuss these findings and potential avenues for the utilization of ENHANCE in basic research and applied disseminations in the future.

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