An evaluation of the Jamaican anti-crime program


Diener, E., & Crandall, R. (1979). An evaluation of the Jamaican anti-crime program. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 9(2), 135-146.


A sweeping anticrime package was implemented in Jamaica in 1974. This program included severe penalties for possession of illegal guns, censorhsip of gun scenes from television and the movies, and greatly broadened police powers. The impact of this anticrime package on crime was assessed using quasiexperimental time-series designs with both months and years as the units of analysis. In a one year period there was a 14% reduction in homicides (p <.05), a 32% reduction in rapes (p <.01), a 25% reduction in robberies (p <.05), and a 37% reduction in nonfatal shootings (p <.01). Data from the second year following the implementation of the anticrime package were not available. The data from the fist year suggest that strict anticrime measures can reduce crime.

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